- Calling for children and adults to be part of a great cause.

- We are looking for volunteers to lend their voice to our E-Paath characters!

- Your voice will be heard by thousands of young learners across Nepal.

What is E-Paath?

Open Learning Exchange (OLE) Nepal has been developing interactive learning digital content, E-Paath, that is based on the national curriculum. The contents are approved by the Department of Education and made available to all for FREE, forever! 

Why E-Paath?

With E-Paath, we are harnessing the power of technology to provide an integrated platform where students can read, listen and be engaged through interactive multimedia lessons. In the last 10 years, E-Paath has helped make access to quality education possible.

How can you get involved?

E-Paath is an on-going project and we invite you to be a part of it by lending your voice!

This has been a very interesting project for us and we would like to invite you all to join in on the fun! Find out more below:

Sound Check!

First, we would like to hear your voice!

Step 1: READ

From the sample slides below, please select the character that you think your voice would be suitable for.

Step 2: RECORD

Find a quiet place! We use our phones to record our audio for E-Paath. You can also use an audio recorder, computer or any mobile device to record the dialogues. Just make sure your audio is clear when you play back and listen. Children may need a parent’s assistance for this. Read the dialogues in the speech bubble out loud (in neutral accent)! Remember to read all the slides.

Step 3: SEND

Email the audio clip to, with your name and contact number in the subject.

Sample Slides for Recording



Adult Female

Adult Male

We will review your voice clarity, quality and suitability.
If selected, we will send you more dialogues for recording!


About us

Open Learning Exchange Nepal (OLE Nepal) is a social benefit organization dedicated to enhancing education quality and access through the integration of technology in classrooms.

Our mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of education and reduce the disparity in access to quality education across geographic regions, school types and population groups by integrating technology in the teaching-learning process.